I've been searching forums and threads and blogs for any other possible late BFPs that would give me hope, and just came across yours. The post is from over two years ago, but I'm so happy for you. I teared up a little here at my desk reading your story, and can't help but pray I have a similar one in a few days. I'm happy to find hope in these few stories online while I go through my long wait. Post a Comment. Saturday, April 21, OMG!

Translation anyone? All those acronyms stand for:. I cannot believe it and am honestly still grasping the concept. Went to lunch with boss lady and co-worker at favorite mexican restaurant.

Took two bites of my favorite quesadilla and had to literally run to bathroom to puke then felt much better. Have not drank at all lately, not been feeling in mood to, weird because usually socially drink Fridays. I just feel in my soul I am pregnant so where is that second line I'm straining my eyes searching for!

17 dpo faint line

Nothing sounded good to me but water. The smell of seafood makes me nauseous worse than before. No AF. I loved the mashed potatoes with cheese, but couldn't stand the meatloaf. I took one bite and it tasted like plastic. I couldn't even force myself to eat it and I love meatloaf. DH swears I'm pregnant. I truly love my job!! I really need to contact people for my food truck business, but am just too tired at the end of the day.

I find myself super tired and just wishing I could sleep in yet I get insomnia at times! So happy for her! I've accepted the fact that I'm not pregnant. I keep testing negative and just don't feel pregnant anymore since I feel myself again from last weeks aversions. AF still has not arrived so I guess there is a chance still I set the test down, wondering to myself why I even bother but I just have this feeling I am so I cannot help but test. DH must think I'm nuts lately. I look at the test and to my disbelief there is immediately a faint line!!!!!

It's faint but holy shit it's there!!!!!!!!! I immediately start bawling and check the HPT in every possible light source. When I'm positive it's positive I went to the door. DH came walking out of the garage and seen me holding the test with tears in my eyes.

He smiled so big and came and scooped me up in his arms. We laughed and cried and just cannot wait to meet you. We love you so much already!!Report Abuse. Contact Us. Diabetes Type 1 Type 2 Prevention. Trending Coronavirus. By subscribing, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Pregnancy 35 and Older Community. This is more of an FYI, rather than a question. I'm posting this because I looked for answers online and found some threads that contained information, but nothing exactly what I was looking for.

I'm posting this in case this happens to anyone else.

17 dpo faint line

I am currently 20 dpo. My husband and I 'played' on day 0 dpo planning, trying to conceive. This is my fourth child and our first attempt at our next child.

I honestly thought it would take a few months, but I can't say I'm dissappointed by any means. For weeks, every test has been very negative. I haven't been surprised but I'm obsessed with taking them. Because I'm insane. All three came up with the very faintest, shadow of a line at about the 9 minute mark after taking the test. I've seen enough evap lines in my day to wonder if this was another one of those. I started searching online to find pictures of faint lines on blue tests to make sure I was on the right track.

I saw many pictures of claimed evaps and positive tests to be at a total loss of being pregnant or not. The next day, I had my husband go buy three more dollar store tests I should by stock in these testing companiesand took a test.

This would be 2 days ago 18 dpo.

HELP 16 dpo VERY FAINT bfp

The faintest of lines showed up at about minutes after taking the test. Same boat, different cruise. I went ahead and convinced my husband to pee on the stick so I could see if he had an evap line. These lines of mine are hazy at best. You had to put them into the light to see them and then, making out a color was a guess.

His came out so crystal clear, no lines at all that I was convinced that he wasn't pregnant. I told myself I'd wait three days and take my last test. I couldn't wait can you blame me?

After not sleeping through the night, madly searching the internet for pictures of real versus false I was still at a total loss. So, yesterday I took my last test. At that point, I was pretty much wore out and convinced that I probably wasn't pregnant and was starting to eyeball the beer in the fridge.

I came up with the same kind of hazy line as before So sad!! So today, in a fit of desperation, I went and bought a digital test.Did a test on Saturday and got a faint positive on my hpt, today 19 dpo did another test, but used a different brand and I got a negative on my hpt, but my temperatures are still high and having pregnancy symptoms.

What should I make of this? Normally I wouldn't re-test, but because I had a miscarriage last year, this time I want to make sure that I am. One positive is not going to set my mind at ease. When one experiences chemical pregnancies, that only happens if you don't experience any other pregnancy symptoms.

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I have got frequent urination, frequent headaches every daytender tingling nipples tmi. I will re-test again tomorrow morning. If you got one positive test, then the other test you used probably didnt have the same capability of giving you an earlier positive result. You can get a false negative, but never a false positive. I say if you got one positive result, then re-test with the same test again or use a different test.

I think your pregnant though. At 17 dpo, I would think you would get a stronger line. I got the same thing, then tested again 3 days later wanted to be sure the progesterone levels were going up and got a negative. My period started 2 days after that, and I truly think that I just had a really early miscarriage. There are a couple of pictures of early pregnancy tests - these pictures are untouched, so you will have to look closely to see the lines.

Both are positive. One at 9 dpo and one at 13 dpo. You can definitely see a difference in those lines, though they are both faint. Mother of 5 who goes test crazy when she gets a positive so that she's sure her progesterone levels are rising.

Did you use first morning urine? I guess you know that the test is not valid after 10 min. I would retest again the following morning or if you can't wait go and do a blood test right away. YOu don't have to guess and test anymore. I wish you good luck and baby dust to you!!!! You can get a false negative pretty easily, but most of the time if you get a positive, you're preggo.Log in Sign up. Home Community Getting pregnant Trying for a baby. Should I be worried? It's barely there.

Last cycle was a chemical pregnancy: paranoid. Add a comment. Comments 6 Add a comment. I am 16dpo as well. No positive test yet but my period still hasn't showed up so I still have hope.

I am also 16dpo and got a faint positive yesterday and today!!! Let's hope and pray this is our month ladies!!! These were 14 and 15 dpo.

17 dpo faint line

Then I had a negative. Haven't tested again since and no AF. How would I know if it was a chemical? Or is there a chance they were both evaps? They showed up in under 5 mins. I want to test again but don't want to see another BFN. Lucyvegan Original poster. Popping in. That is for sure positive! Did you confirm ovulation? You might actually be less than 16 dpo.

The line doesn't look worrisome to me though.

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Some people just take a little longer to accumulate enough Hcg to turn a really dark line. Mine never got that dark this time around.

If you had an EXTREMELY faint bfp, pls come in

And I am 22 weeks in! Log in or sign up to post a comment! Recent posts in Trying for a baby. Need help figuring this out! Browse more posts.

Ask a question or share your story Start a post. Are you sure you want to delete?I would say that it is definitely possible that it is implantation! Some women implant later than others, you're right. The average timescale for this is between 6 and 12 dpo but it can depend on how long your usual Luteal Phase the time between ovulation and a period being due is. Bear in mind that if you're seeing your true BFPs now, no matter how light they are, the bleeding you've experienced could have been implantation but the pregnancy tests before that couldn't have been positive.

This is because a pregnancy test will only show positive once baby has implanted. It's only then that the pregnancy hormone will begin to multiply and show through on a test. Before this, they may have been evaporation lines if you read them after the time limit? The other explanation is that you did indeed have faint positives before and this spotting is due to hormonal changes, which can happen in early pregnancy.

I'm really thinking you're pregnant! A faint line is a BFP as much as a darker one is. If you test again in a few days time, you should see an even darker line! The spotting could be caused from implantation. You could buy a digital test, that way there would be no question about it! Answer Save. Hi, implantation usually occurs during dpo Good luck! How do you think about the answers? You can sign in to vote the answer.

Still have questions? Get your answers by asking now.Log in Sign up. Home Community Getting pregnant Getting pregnant. Hi ladies, I know it sounds crazy and too early Or could possible be a false positive as I did use a cheapie for this one.

Would love to see if you guys can see it too. I feel like I am in shock, disbelief, excited yet hella nervous as I have a blocked left tube and hope it isn't going to end up as an ectopic. Anyway I took this test tonight with probably a 4 hour hold.

It looks very very faint to me, I also did an O test and that came back positive too!!??! I had a massive bubbly coldsore 7mini ones!!! I also checked breasts after I did the HPT and they are blue and veiny on the sides and maybe 1 or 2 running down the front towards my areola for both boobs. I have dark aerolas so can't tell if its getting darker. But they look more firm and plump.

I dont know if this is all just a coincidence as I am 7 days away from AF or if it is possibly an evap. I'll stop rambling I've attached photo below. Add a comment. Fionaaaaa Original poster. Photo 2 wow theres a massive quality drop, but I swear theres a shade of pink!

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If using a phone twirling it around helps lol. Hey hun. I can see a vvfl in both both picks,how long after taking taking the test did the line pop up I don't personally use ic's as I've seen how unreliable they can be but some ppl swear by them.

I've had 4 MC's in the last year and with my 3rd got a vvfl but noticeable at 7dp and that was with frer I can see a line but if it were me I'd use a frer as they're far more sensitive if it's showing on a ic it should on a frer I hope this is the start of ur bfp I can see the positive but like above, 7dpo is very early.

That said, with my second pregnancy I had a very light positive around 8dpo with a first response then tested the next day and had a negative.


I waited a few days and tested at 13dpo and had a positive. I read that at implantation there can be a HCG surge so it's quite common for a sensitive test to pick this surge up. Let us know how you go! I'd get a first response and test after a good hold.Skip to main content.

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Search form Search. I should have finished with AF and I haven't even started, but I don't have a lot of symptoms.

I am a little tired and my BBs are a little sore, but I don't know how much of that is in my head. I just don't know what's going on, and is this going to be my life every month now, waiting and hoping only to be disappointed Products used:. Pregnancy tests. Am I Pregnant? Yes 71 No Comments Lines are good! Permalink Submitted by MK on Thu, I think that a line is a line with FRER! The clearblue digi's are more sensitive, so maybe they need more time.

Some ladies just take longer to show on tests. I think you should take another test tomorrow or the next day, but a faint line is a good sign! I had the same thing happen Permalink Submitted by kfairbanks on Thu, I had the same thing happen for me It was super heavy and super painful the day before.

I chalked it up as a chemical pregnancy or just a late period.

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